About the Book

What will you find in the book?
  • 85 pages of anything and everything you ever wanted to know about hiring help.
  •  Words of wisdom from some of the most successful women in the blogosphere!
  • Advice for what to look for in the perfect candidate and why those traits are important.
  • Learn from women who have been there and done it!  No need to reinvent the wheel!
  • Honest and practical information.  No pulling punches.  No rose colored glasses.  Just honest to goodness encouragment.
What's Inside:
Introduction to the Introduction

Who Is This Book For?

What’s a Virtual Assistant & How Do I Know If I Need one?

I Know I Need Help. But What Kind?

Digging A Little Deeper

Okay, I’m Sold. Now What?

What Should I Look For In A VA?

Helpful Hints, Tips, & a Couple of Other Things You May Want to Know

Tell Me More About This Task Based VA

Thoughts & Words of Wisdom From the Experts

Print This Out & Give It To Your VA

Go Forth and Prosper!