About Jeannett

Jeannett is the author of the blog Life.Rearranged where she highlights and advocates for a variety of causes, while in turn, fundraising for a related charity.  To date, Jeannett and her readers have raised over $15,000 and encouraged thousands of women as they make their journey through life and all the unexpected twists and turns that always seem to come with it.

Chatting one day with her (in real life!) friend, Lindsey of The Pleated Poppy, the women realized that Lindsey needed help running the business aspect of her blog and shop, and Jeannett would be a great fit for that job.  Jeannett worked for Lindsey for 2 years and during that time came across many bloggers who needed hired help, but didn't know how to get it, where to start, or what to really look for.  Soon, Jeannett realized that a book outlining some of the tips, tricks, and all around advice she could give would be helpful for others.

Jeannett is a stay at home mom to three children, Henry, 4, and twin girlies Lucy and Jill, 2.  She can be reached at jeannett {at} liferearranged {dot} com or on Twitter @jeannettg.