"Jeannett's advice directly affected who I hired to help me.  And, my only regret is that I didn’t have this ebook to read last year, or the year before.  If you find yourself not being able to focus on the things you love about blogging or running your etsy shop because the things you don’t love are getting in the way, you need to read this book, it’s a $10 investment into a better you."
-The Nester, Nesting Place

"Bought it, read it, learned from it, LOVED IT!!!  What a fantastic resource!  I really found so much useful information in your e-book.  Thank you for presenting it in such an enjoyable, readable way.  I not only learned, I had fun learning.  I was also gratified to discover that what I'd been muddling along doing on my own, was really very much inline with what you suggested a virtual assistant should be doing." 
-Ruth Harding, A Trip to Holland